Monongalia County Working Families

Please vote for the WV Working Families endorsed candidates in Monongalia County, WV.


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WV Statewide


Ben Salango


"I will be a governor who puts public service above self-service."     


Sam Petsonk

Attorney General

"We deserve a leader who protects the hard-earned wages, benefits, homes, land, and basic rights of all West Virginians."



Bob Beach

Commissioner of Agriculture

"Agriculture is not a single seed or single idea, but either planted correctly will grow a community and state. Let’s grow WV together."


Mary Ann Claytor


"Why not hold our elected officials to the same level of standard we are required in performing our job duties, which could start with electing a State Auditor with a minimum of an accounting degree?"

Natalie Tennant

Natalie Tennant

Secretary of State

WVWFP Endorsed

Federal Office


Paula Jean Swearingen

U.S. Senate

"It’s time the people of West Virginia had a U.S. Senator that upholds the basics of human values and is focused on doing the people’s work."  


Natalie Cline

U.S. Congress, District 1

"It is time that working families become the priority. Working families are the backbone of America and West Virginia's greatest asset."  

WV Senate

Josh Gary

Josh Gary

WV Senate, District 2

WVWFP Endorsed


Mike Caputo

WV Senate, District 13

"The rich and their corporations have lobbyists to advance their interests, and the people of West Virginia need someone with common ideals and common sense to fight back for them."


David Childers

WV Senate, District 14

"When we have a government of working class individuals showing compassion to the people, our society will thrive."

WV House of Delegates

Mike Manypenny

Mike Manypenny

WV House, District 49

"I look forward to working with WVWFP to fight for workers rights including fair wages, equal pay, workers right to collective bargaining, along with fighting the pollute for profit mentality that has kept a stranglehold on our great State for so many years."


Danielle Walker

WV House, District 51

"I am an activist legislator, speaking for the voiceless, fighting for the vulnerable, and fighting to make our government serve the needs of the people of West Virginia."


Evan Hansen

WV House, District 51

"West Virginia needs leaders who are more concerned with the next generation than the next election."

John Williams

John Williams

WV House, District 51

“I love the state of West Virginia, and I love her people. Working on their behalf is an honor, and I want to continue working to make West Virginia an even better place to call our home among the hills.”

Rodney Pyles

Rodney Pyles

WV House, District 51

WVWFP Endorsed


Barbara Evans Fleischauer

WV House, District 51

"Using data, I will put my experience to work tackling problems and reaching consensus on solutions for West Virginia working families, always keeping in mind how women, minorities and our more vulnerable citizens are faring."

Local Candidates

Perry Palmer

Perry Palmer

Monongalia County Sheriff

"I wake up every day excited and committed to working hard for our citizens. I am doing everything possible to keep Monongalia County safe. I have worked hard and I am proud of what I have accomplished."