The primaries are over! Find our 2020 General Election endorsements here

WV Statewide

Stephen Smith


"What if the values of generosity and service that guided our neighborhoods also governed our statehouse?"


Sam Petsonk

Attorney General

"We deserve a leader who protects the hard-earned wages, benefits, homes, land, and basic rights of all West Virginians."


Bob Beach

Commissioner of Agriculture

"Agriculture is not a single seed or single idea, but either planted correctly will grow a community and state. Let’s grow WV together."

Mary Ann Claytor


"Why not hold our elected officials to the same level of standard we are required in performing our job duties, which could start with electing a State Auditor with a minimum of an accounting degree?"

Richard Neely

WV Supreme Court, Division 1

"With your vote, we can clean up the Supreme Court and get the court back to work for the people of West Virginia."

Federal Office

Natalie Cline

U.S. Congress, District 1

"It is time that working families become the priority. Working families are the backbone of America and West Virginia's greatest asset."  

Cathy Kunkel

U.S. Congress, District 2

"It will take all of us to build a West Virginia that works for all of us."

Hilary Turner

U.S. Congress, District 3

"We can create a just and sustainable economy that values the people as well as the Earth, by investing in clean energy, in our communities, in our small farmers, and in our students and education."

WV Senate

Robin Wilson

WV Senate, District 3

WVWFP Endorsed

Mike Caputo

WV Senate, District 13

"The rich and their corporations have lobbyists to advance their interests, and the people of West Virginia need someone with common ideals and common sense to fight back for them."

David Childers

WV Senate, District 14

"When we have a government of working class individuals showing compassion to the people, our society will thrive."

Pete Dougherty

WV Senate, District 16

"Children, families, working people and veterans especially those homeless and in need have driven me to work to make lives of West Virginians and all Americans better. Leadership will be measured by what we do to to make the next generation healthier and more secure."

Jon Hague

WV Senate, District 17

"If we keep electing the same type of people, we will keep getting the same results."

WV House of Delegates

Shawn Fluharty

WV House, District 3

"I'm tired of seeing our state being bought and sold to the highest bidder."

Levi Billiter

WV House, District 14

"Teachers are tired of hearing about our failing schools. Our students are not failing, they are fighting their way through adversity. I want the chance to fight for everyone in WV the way I fight for my students. Together, we can change WV for the better."

Tess Jackson

WV House, District 15

"I believe in a better West Virginia, one that works for all its people, and I am committed to bringing that vision to life."

Sean Hornbuckle

WV House, District 16

WVWFP Endorsed

Chad Lovejoy

WV House, District 17

“Working families built West Virginia; I’m proud to stand with them in their State House!”

Jeanette Rowsey

WV House, District 17

"What if every policy and action of West Virginia’s government was focused on all the state’s children?"

Rodney Miller

WV House, District 23

"I am honored to have the opportunity to do something for West Virginians rather than to the people of our great state, and I look forward to continuing that work. Together we are stronger!"

Susan Perry

WV House, District 24

"'Fairness for all' will be my guiding principle."

Tina Russell

WV House, District 27

"We need a legislature that puts regular people first, and recognizes that we can’t be defined by who we hate, but by who we help."

Mick Bates

WV House, District 30

WVWFP Endorsed

Margaret Staggers

WV House, District 32

"We will make West Virginia almost heaven again!"

Selina Vickers

WV House, District 32

“Let’s build OUR government to work for US!”

Kathy Ferguson

WV House, District 35

"Maintaining a 'People First' platform, means that everything I plan to do as a legislator will be centered around The People, advancing policies that would be considered beneficial and opposing any that would cause undue hardships or disadvantage to the masses of WV people."

Rusty Williams

WV House, District 35

"For nearly a decade, my entire life has been dedicated to ending the prohibition of cannabis and to fighting for patients and if I’m fortunate enough to be elected to represent the 35th district, I will fight for all Mountaineers with the same unwavering resolve. Together, we can grow a healthier, more prosperous West Virginia!"

Kayla Young

WV House, District 35

"We have to have the courage to say, 'we can do better.' West Virginians deserve better."

Amanda Estep-Burton

WV House, District 36

"Public service should be about creating a better life for the many not just a select few.”

Larry Rowe

WV House, District 36

WVWFP Endorsed

Mike Pushkin

WV House, District 37

"I live in this community. I work in this community. And I would be honored to carry the conscience of this community to the Statehouse."

Cindy Lavender-Bowe

WV House, District 42

"Our politics have become broken. It's time to stop the corruption and fight for the people of West Virginia, not the special interests."

Cody Thompson

WV House, District 43

"We must fight for pay raises for our teachers, service personnel, corrections officers, police officers, firefighters, D.O.H., D.H.H.R., and all state employees and their families that keep our state running. We cannot continue to lose our talented employees to other states and other industries because we don’t pay them a fair and equitable wage. "

Brittney Barlett

WV House, District 46

"West Virginia deserves a government that is of, by, and for people, not profits"

Rob Garcia

WV House, District 48

"I believe that we must get back to the basics and work together for the greater good of All West Virginians."

Justin Lung

WV House, District 48

"I am a new voice with a new direction and someone with integrity who will always put an agenda forward 'for and by the people' because I truly believe in you, the People, being First.”

Ryan Deems

WV House, District 48

"When there is a need to fix our roads or improve our education system, politicians say there is no money. When the wealthy donors complain about paying taxes (less taxes than you and I pay every year), politicians work like hell to give them a tax cut. It doesn't have to be this way."

Brandon Antion

WV House, District 49 *

"What if we fully funded our public schools, leveled the playing field for small business, and gave our communities a voice on issues that matter to them at the Capitol?"

Mike Manypenny

WV House, District 49 *

"I look forward to working with WVWFP to fight for workers rights including fair wages, equal pay, workers right to collective bargaining, along with fighting the pollute for profit mentality that has kept a stranglehold on our great State for so many years."

Michael Angelucci

WV House, District 50 *

WVWFP Endorsed

Aryanna Islam

WV House, District 50 *

"We need a revitalization of West Virginia and we need to take care of the addicted, the poverty stricken, and the teacher instead of just the wealthy few."

Jarryd Powell

WV House, District 50 *

"Imagine a government that fights for working West Virginians instead of special interests."

Andrew Mills

WV House, District 50 *

"I’m fighting business as usual to bring hope by changing West Virginia to better our working families and local small businesses."

Danielle Walker

WV House, District 51

"I am an activist legislator, speaking for the voiceless, fighting for the vulnerable, and fighting to make our government serve the needs of the people of West Virginia."

Evan Hansen

WV House, District 51

"West Virginia needs leaders who are more concerned with the next generation than the next election."

John Williams

WV House, District 51

“I love the state of West Virginia, and I love her people. Working on their behalf is an honor, and I want to continue working to make West Virginia an even better place to call our home among the hills.”

Rodney Pyles

WV House, District 51

WVWFP Endorsed

Barbara Evans Fleischauer

WV House, District 51

"Using data, I will put my experience to work tackling problems and reaching consensus on solutions for West Virginia working families, always keeping in mind how women, minorities and our more vulnerable citizens are faring."

Justin Hough

WV House, District 52 *

"What if the values instilled in our military and first responders were everyday values for ALL and YOU were governed by those values - Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honesty, Integrity and Personal Courage?"

JR Wolfe

WV House, District 52 *

"The admonition to 'Be the change you want to see in the world' is my guide as I work to actively make West Virginia a better place to live."

Cory Chase

WV House, District 53

“For us to live in a state that values our freedom and pursuit of happiness, we need a political system that hears all of us and an economy that works for all of us.”

Bradley Rinard

WV House, District 55

"Now's the time, West Virginia government for and by West Virginians for a bright, better and more caring future."

Sammi Brown

WV House, District 65

"I'm sick and tired of political apathy while our neighbors struggle to survive. . . We deserve dignity, an economy that works for us all and elected officials who actually serve us."

Storme Frame

WV House, District 66

WVWFP Endorsed

John Doyle

WV House, District 67

"West Virginians, to my mind, want their government to be clean, open, transparent and fair."

Local Candidates

Jenny Anderson

Cabell County Board of Education

"As a parent and strong advocate of public schools, I want to make sure that ALL Cabell County students can reach their potential both academically and as a citizen in their community."

Charlie Marshall

Grafton City Council 

"Despite what we are often told, right now, West Virginia is wealthier than at any time in our history. If we realign our priorities, invest in our communities, and value our citizens over corporate profits, our future has never been brighter."

Arthena Roper

Jefferson County Magistrate

"I believe the judicial system is an important part of the balance of our society, that is why I show dignity and respect in my courtroom and I hold every participant to the same high standards."

Cory Roman

Martinsburg City Council

"The working class deserves working class champions, I promise to be one piece of the puzzle.”

Danielle Stewart

Mayor of Beckley

"West Virginians deserve a government that cares for the people, fights for a living wage, paid sick leave and healthcare of all."

Johnny Hager

Mingo County Commission

"Our volunteer fire fighters, recovering addicts, teachers, and business owners need a commissioner they can trust to help them when they are in need, not just during election year. . . let's put progress over politics."

Micah Weglinski

Monongalia County Board of Education

"I'm running for Monongalia County Board of Education to protect public education and ensure every student will reach their maximum potential."

Nancy Walker

Monongalia County Board of Education

WVWFP Endorsed

Perry Palmer

Monongalia County Sheriff

"I wake up every day excited and committed to working hard for our citizens. I am doing everything possible to keep Monongalia County safe. I have worked hard and I am proud of what I have accomplished."

Emily Starks

Philippi City Council

"Our community will heal when the best of our traditions is merged with the best ideas about sustainability"

Rosemary Ketchum

Wheeling City Council

"From addiction to homelessness, I work every day to create real community-based solutions to some of our biggest problems. I believe that we must work WITH our community members to solve problems rather than withoutthem or worse – against them."

*Yes, we know we've endorsed more candidates than you can vote for in a few races.

In a few races, we had more excellent candidates than voters have votes, and we decided to endorse multiple candidates and let the voters choose. In House District 49, we endorsed two candidates but voters have to choose just one. Likewise, in House District 50, we endorsed four candidates, and voters will have to choose just three.


In House District 52, we also endorsed two candidates -- one Democrat and one Republican. You will only have one of those two on your ballot, depending on which party's ballot you are voting on. We'd love to face the hard choice between those two in the general, so let's see if we can get them both past their primaries!

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