Working Families Party is serious about getting the best possible candidates in office. We are committed to recruiting, training, and supporting candidates for elected office who will fight for our shared values.


One of the great things about Working Families Party is that because we don't work like the two major parties, we aren't "stuck" with the "turkeys" in any party. We can support candidates from any party (Democrat, Republican, Mountain, Independent, you name it), and we can decline to support any candidate from any party, too. Our locals can choose who to support from their area, and our state committee chooses who to support for state-wide or federal races. 


We've had some great successes in 2018 & 2019, and our share of disappointments, too. We are already hard at work on 2020 races. In 2018, the local in Morgantown played an important part in helping flip two House seats to progressive legislators, winning all five (flipping two of those seats) seats in House of Delegates, District 51. In support of the slate of candidates we endorsed, we knocked thousands of doors & we sent thousands mailers mailers.


Delegate Danielle Walker & Delegate Evan Hansen are two new shining stars in the legislature who are helping lead the fight for equality, a just transition to a diverse economy, and support for public education and opportunity for all West Virginians. In 2018, the Charleston local also worked hard on a number of races including the successful bid of the new major of Charleston, Mayor Amy Goodwin

In 2019, the Morgantown local again took aim, this time at the Morgantown City Council race. We endorsed 7 candidates for 7 seats, including one write-in. With more door knocking, canvassing crowds at events, and more mailers, all seven of our endorsed candidates won their races. 

Would you like to learn more about becoming a WVWFP endorsed candidate? Contact Ryan, our state director, to talk or complete the 2020 Endorsement Questionnaire