Learn the skills you need to run a winning campaign for yourself or for the causes or candidates you support! Contact us for personalized guidance, or just get started by signing up for a training opportunity. It's never too early to get ready to run! Most in person trainings require advance registration. Be sure to register early.

In Person Trainings in WV
Eastern WV Can't Wait Candidate Training



7:30a - 1:30p

This is an interactive, fast-paced training for candidates (and their teams!) who want to run dynamic, people-powered campaigns. Topics will include: fundraising, stump speech, evaluating your strengths and weaknesses as a candidate, and how to build and sustain your team. The training team will be led by Stephen Smith, and will include a range of other voices too.

The training is 8am-1:30pm (arrive at 7:30am). Lunch will be provided.
Location is Fisherman’s Hall in Charles Town. 106 N. George Street.

The training is free, but donations are welcome (to help cover the cost of lunch, and the location).

This training is being offered by WV Can't Wait / Stephen Smith for Governor

West Virginia Can't Wait Ongoing Training Events

Many Dates & Times

Stephen Smith & WV Can't Wait are offering numerous in person and online trainings throughout West Virginia. Check out their offerings and find one that fits you! Event listings can generally be found on the WVCW Facebook event page. (Even if you don't use Facebook, you can still follow this link to view information.) Be sure to read event details and follow the registration links, as some events require advance registrioan. 

These trainings are being offered by WV Can't Wait / Stephen Smith for Governor

Online & Ongoing Training
National Democratic Training Committee

"We want you to win–that’s why we’ve created 18 courses to guide you through every step of your campaign. In less than 90 minutes, you can go from novice to knowledgeable on essential campaign topics–like fundraising in Raising Money, or Digital Communications in Digital 101, or running top-notch canvassing and phone banking programs in ​Field Tactics. Take our courses anytime, anywhere—they’re all available on-demand 24/7 so you can take them all in one weekend or spread one over the course of a week, depending on what works for your schedule." -- from the NDTC website.

Emily's List: Run to Win
emilys list.png

"We ignite change by getting pro-choice Democratic women elected to office." Extensive online resources as well as in person trainings across the country.