The Working Families Party is a progressive grassroots political party building a multiracial movement of working people to transform America.

What We Believe

We believe that no matter what you look like or where you’re from, most of us want the same things. We want to earn enough to thrive, not just survive, and leave a better future for our kids. We want healthy food and clean water, safe neighborhoods and a safe world. We want to contribute to something bigger than ourselves. We want to be free.

But the richest people on Earth — and the political insiders who serve them — have rigged the rules of our political system to grab up wealth and power for themselves. And then they blame people of color or immigrants or poor people — aiming to divide us and distract us from what we have in common.

The Working Families Party is regular people coming together across our differences to make our nation work for the many, not the few. We’re a multiracial party that fights for workers over bosses and people over the powerful.

What We Do

What is a political party? It is a group of people who share a common vision of a better world and work together to make change, through our democracy.

The Working Families Party is building our own party on top of the two-party system in the United States. We organize outside the two parties, and then we recruit and train people-powered candidates up and down the ballot and run them to win, often inside Democratic Party primaries.

This is not just an idea — it’s reality. For more than two decades, we have been recruiting, training, and electing transformational leaders across the country. We’ve then organized with them to win major victories for working families — like higher wages, a fairer criminal justice system and getting money out of politics.

The wealthy and the powerful tell us what we are trying to do is impossible. They are counting on us to believe it, so that we don’t even try. But we are doing it. And together, we can do so much more and become a nation rooted in dignity, compassion and justice for all.

Who We Are

The Working Families Party is made up of our individual members across the country, along with partners in unions, community organizations and social movements. And we’re growing fast.

Today, hundreds of thousands of people are part of the Working Families Party, in every part of the country. There are many ways for people to be active in the party locally and nationally, including state chapters and local branches in Colorado, Connecticut, Louisiana, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Washington state, or Washington, DC.

How we are Organized



The foundation of Working Families Party is our individual members. You can be part of the movement by becoming a WFP member today. Anyone can join by contributing membership dues of $10 or more a month (or $120 or more annually). As a WFP member, you will receive an official WFP membership card. You’ll also be the first to know about major WFP news. You’ll be invited to join our monthly online WFP Assembly with other members across the country. And you’ll get to deliberate on and help make some of our important decisions, including our presidential endorsement.


Individuals may join or organize a local in their community. Locals have local control of choosing which causes and candidates they want to support and how they function. This allows for grassroots people power, supported by a national network of allies and organizing tools. Locals also decide which local candidates to endorse for elections. Each local elects a Chair as their leader and may elect other officers depending on the needs of the local. 

State WFP

Our state Working Families Party is led by a State Committee made up of elected representatives from each of our locals and also individuals across the state from a wide range of organizations and backgrounds who are committed to our shared values. The WVWFP defines our state platform, manages our candidate recruitment, training, support and endorsement activities, and coordinates with the national Working Families Party.

WV Leadership

WV WFP is led by our elected Chair, Andrew Cockburn, while day to day operations are led by our State Director, Ryan Frankenberry

National WFP

The national Working Families Party is our parent organization, defining the WFP vision and our shared national platform. They provide resources, training, and leadership on a wide range of issues.  


Working Families loves to work with allied organizations. We often partner with allied organizations on causes or issues. Some partnerships are deep and cover a wide range of issues, while other partnerships might just cover a specific issue or region. For example, Morgantown Working Families is currently partnering with WV ACLU to advocate for cannabis decriminalization in Morgantown.  If your organization would like to explore partnering with us, please contact us!

Contact WV Working Families Party

Ryan Frankenberry

Executive Director, WV Working Families Party